The vehicle can be equipped with springs consisting of three sheets with an additional leaf installed, or springs consisting of five sheets with additional three leaf springs

When changing springs, keep in mind that the short end of the spring must point forward in the direction of travel.

Regularly check the tightness of the spring ladders.

When replacing the springs, be sure to replace the rubber-to-metal joints.

- Cause of malfunction


Frequent "breakdowns" of the suspension:

- The car is overloaded

Do not overload the vehicle

- Breakage of leaf springs

Replace spring or broken leaves

- Residual deformation of the sheets of springs or one of them (the springs "sagged")

Replace spring or springs

"Breakthroughs" are accompanied by a metallic knock:

- Lost or corrupted bounding buffer or buffers

Install new buffer or buffers

The car "leads" to the side:

- Displacement of the rear axle relative to the spring due to the loosening of the nuts of the stepladders

Loosen the ladders, put the bridge in place and tighten the ladders

- Displacement of the root sheet when the center bolt is destroyed

Replace center bolt

- Root leaf breakage

Replace Root Leaf

Car roll to one side:

- Breakage of leaf springs

Replace springs or individual sheets