Usually, the front beam of the car is removed when the beam deflects or twists, as well as other defects that require removal of the beam

We work together on a viewing ditch.

We hang out the front of the car and install two stands at least 700 mm high under the front ends of the frame side members.

Remove the wheels, shock absorbers and brake calipers of the front wheels.

Removing the front of the GazelleRemoving the front of the Gazelle

With a “17” head, we unscrew the two bolts securing the lever to the steering knuckle on the left side of the car

Remove the lever together with the transverse link

With a “24” head, we unscrew the nuts of the stepladders, remove the stepladders and the spring cover (see the article - “How to remove disassemble and assemble the front spring of the Gazelle car).

Similarly, we disconnect the lever from the steering knuckle and remove the stepladders on the right side of the car.

Removing the front of the Gazelle

Removing the bridge.

Install the front axle in the reverse order, while evenly tightening the nuts of the stepladders.

We lubricate the threads of the bolts for fastening the levers to the steering knuckle and the nuts of the stepladders with sealant.