The YaMZ-6583.10 engine is designed for installation on flatbed vehicles, chassis, truck tractors, dump trucks manufactured by KrAZ Holding Company

The YaMZ-6583.10 engine is structurally based on the YaMZ-7511.10 engine with individual cylinder heads and differs in technical characteristics due to the installation of electrically controlled fuel equipment with a Compact-40 injection pump with an electronic regulator, a change in the design of a number of engine components and parts, with closed crankcase ventilation system.

Main parameters and characteristics of the YaMZ-6583 engine

The YaMZ-6583.10 engine complies with the requirements of Euro-3 environmental standards.

Key parameters and characteristics of the YaMZ-6583.10 engine

Compression ratio - 17.5

Rated power, kW (hp) - 264.7 (360)

Rated speed, min-1 - 1900 −20+50

Maximum torque, Nm (kgf m) - 1569 (160)

Rotational speed at maximum torque, min-1 - 1100…1300

Rate at idle, min-1:

  • - maximum, no more than - 2150
  • - minimum - 600±50

Specific fuel consumption by speed characteristic, g/kW h (g/hp h):

− minimum, at a speed of 1300±200, min-1 - 200 (147)

Relative oil consumption for waste in % to fuel consumption, no more than - 0.1

Speed ​​response

Key parameters and characteristics of the YaMZ-6583 engine

Model of injection pump with electronic control system (ECS) - 179.1111002-30

Injection pump model without ESU - 179.1111005

Nozzle - 51.1112010-21

Speed ​​controller (speed) - Electronic ESU-1A

Fuel injection advance setting angle, degrees 2+1

Electronic control unit (ECU) with microprocessor software - 179.3763001-30

Electronic control system sensors:

  • − synchronization (speed) - Induction DS-1
  • − charge air pressure - 23.3855
  • − position of the actuator (high pressure fuel pump rails) - 36.3855-20
  • − temperatures - 233.3828
  • − fuel temperature - 192.3828
  • − pedal module - KDBA 453621.003

Electrical Harness - Attached to the Engine

Turbocharger - TKR 100

Crankcase ventilation system - closed type with suction into the air intake system before the TKR, with an oil separator and a pressure control valve

The fan is eight-bladed, with a diameter of 660 mm, with a gear drive and a friction clutch for automatic and manual activation of the fan.

Auto start temperature is at least 85°C. Drive ratio - 1.31

Emergency stop air damper (solenoid installed in the intake pipe after the aftercooler) - Solenoid operated (with manual cocking and deflation)

Alternator - alternating current, V-ribbed belt driven, rated voltage 28 V.

Generator drive gear ratio - 3.67

Model 7762.01-03 with a maximum load current of 80 A

Starter - Model AZF 4581, Iskra (Slovenia), voltage 24 V


For engines without a gearbox, clutch hub splines according to SAE (two inches) - Model YaMZ-184-15

Gearbox - Model YaMZ-2391-20

Filling volumes, l:

  • − engine lubrication system - 32
  • − engine cooling system (without water cooler volume) - 22

Weight of the unfilled power unit in the scope of delivery, kg:

  • − without clutch and gearbox - 1250
  • − with clutch and gearbox - 1660