ZMZ-406 throttle removal and installation

Disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery

Disconnect the accelerator cable from the throttle sector

Replacing the ZMZ-406 throttle

Disconnect block 1 with wires from the throttle position sensor.

Loosen the clamps and disconnect the hoses of the idle air control 2 and crankcase ventilation.

Replacing the ZMZ-406 throttle

Loosen the clamps and disconnect hoses 1 of the throttle heating, having previously marked them.

Immediately plug the hoses with plugs to avoid loss of coolant.

Unscrew the four fastening bolts 2 and remove the throttle 3 with the gasket.

Replacing the ZMZ-406 throttle

If it is necessary to remove the throttle position sensor 2, unscrew the two screws 1 securing it.

Installing the throttle

Install the throttle in the reverse order of removal.

Replace the defective gasket.

After installation, adjust the accelerator cable tension.

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