Exhaust system of engine D-245.7E2 / D-245.9E2

The exhaust system consists of a muffler 6 (Fig. 1), a neutralizer 3, a intake pipe 1 and an exhaust pipe 8

Exhaust gas system: 1 - intake pipe; 2 - body base spar; 3 - muffler; 4 - bracket; 5 - clamp; 6 - neutralizer; 7 - flange connection; 8 - exhaust pipe

The exhaust pipe is connected to the engine turbocharger flange through a gasket.

The neutralizer is designed to reduce the content of toxic substances in engine exhaust gases.

In the catalytic block of the reactor, the process of afterburning of the products of incomplete combustion of fuel occurs.

The active components of the catalyst are platinum group metals.

During operation and maintenance, flammable liquids are not allowed to come into contact with the heated body of the converter.

To ensure the functionality of the converter and high efficiency of exhaust gas purification, it is necessary to use fuel that complies with GOST R 52368-2005, and the fuel equipment must be in good working order and carefully adjusted.