Symbols for electrical equipment diagram elements:

Gazelle car wiring diagram

B1 - oil pressure indicator sensor, B 2 - emergency oil pressure indicator sensor, B5 emergency brake fluid level indicator sensor, B7 - coolant temperature indicator sensor, OS - coolant overheat indicator sensor, B12 - fuel level indicator sensor , 013 - sensor for the fuel level indicator in the right tank (GAZ-33027), B46 - speed sensor, B57 - switch-on-electromagnetic fan clutch [installed on parts of the ZMZ-4026, UMZ-4215 engines) B6S - distribution sensor [ZMZ- 4026 and UMZ-4215), D4 - EPHH control unit [ZMZ-4026 p UMZ-4215), D7 - anti-lock brake system control unit [installed on parts of cars), D21 - heating and ventilation unit control panel, D27 - instrument dimmer , D2S - control unit for the electromagnetic fan clutch [installed on parts of the ZMZ-4026 n UMZ-4215 engines), E1 - left headlight, E2 right headlight, EE - according to turn signal repeater left, EJU - turn signal repeater right, E16 - dome light for the front seats of the cabin, E1S, E1E - dome light for the cargo compartment of vans, E20 - dome light for the passenger compartment [right], E27 - rear left light, E2S - rear right light , EZO, E64 - license plate light, E35 - engine compartment light, E5E - cigarette lighter, E60, E61 - passenger compartment ceiling lamps [left), E63 - footboard lighting lamp, E65 - second row seat lamp [for vans with two rows of seats) , E71 - dome light for the glove box, F1 F4 - spark plug, F41 - fuse box, F42 - upper fuse box, F43 lower fuse box, G1 - generator, G2 - battery, H1, H2 - sound signal, H62 v-lamp position light left, H63 - side light lamp right, H70 - rear fog lamp, left, H71 - rear fog lamp, right, H72 - reversing light lamp, left, H73 - reversing lamp, right avaya, H74 - brake signal lamp left, H75 - brake signal lamp right, H76 - side light rear left, H77 - side light rear right, H7S - rear direction indicator lamp left, H7E - rear direction indicator lamp right, H9S - low beam lamp left, 11EE - low beam lamp right, H100 - high beam lamp left, H101 high beam lamp right, H102 - front direction indicator lamp [left], H103 - front direction indicator lamp [right), K1 - starter relay , KZ - wiper control relay, K7 - signal relay, K12 - turn signal breaker, K13 - parking brake signal breaker, K16 - remote battery switch [for buses), K40 - headlight relay, M1 - starter, M2 - heater motor, M4 - wiper motor, M5 - windshield washer motor, MS - auxiliary heater electric pump [for buses and vans with two rows of seats), M20 - electric auxiliary heater motor [for buses and vans with two rows of seats), M3S — electric headlight range control [right], MZE — electric headlight range control [left], M43 — heater tap gearmotor, P2 — instrument cluster, R1 — R4 — noise suppression candle resistor [ZMZ-4026 and UMZ-4215), R12 - heater motor resistor, R13 - auxiliary heater motor resistor [for buses and vans with two rows of seats), S1 - switch for the starting system and instruments, S3 - switch for second row lights of the second row of seats [for vans with two rows of seats), S5 - hazard warning light switch, S6 - heater motor and electric pump switch, S9 - turn signal and headlight switch, S12 - wiper switch, S13 - remote battery switch button switch [for buses), S29 - reversing light switch, S30 - brake light switch, S39 - lighting switch, S52 - switch ь parking brake signaling device, S54 - switch for checking the health of the signaling devices, S60 - switch for the glove box ceiling, S62 - switch for the right ceiling lights for the passenger compartment of buses, S63 - switch for the left ceiling lamps for lighting the passenger compartment of buses, S72 - switch for the EPHX system (ZMZ-4026 and UMZ -4215), S73 - auxiliary heater motor switch [for buses and vans with two rows of seats), S116 - headlight range control switch, U - radio, T1 - ignition coil [ZMZ-4026 and UMZ-4215), V1 - voltage regulator [ ZM34026 and UMZ-4215), V2 - transistor switch [ZMZ-4026 and UMZ-4215), Y3 - solenoid valve [ZMZ-4026 and UMZ-4215), Y4S - electromagnetic fan clutch [installed on parts of engines ZMZ-4026 UMZ-421 5 )

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