Battery, alternator and starter - all together they are responsible for starting the engine

In order for each node to be able to perform its task, their consistency is needed

Without a battery, the starter will not move, without a starter, the engine will remain silent and the generator will not work.

And without a generator, the battery will not be able to replenish the spent energy.

Fault and its symptoms

- Probable cause


Generator set:

- The voltmeter needle when the headlights are turned on at an average engine speed is located on the left in the extreme zone

a) alternator belt tension is loosened;

Adjust belt tension

b) contact rings are dirty;

Wipe the rings with a cloth soaked in gasoline

c) hanging brushes;

Remove voltage regulator, remove brushes, remove brush dust

d) short circuit in the stator winding of the generator;

Replace stator assembly or repair

e) malfunction of the voltage regulator;

Replace regulator

e) rectifier diode breakdown

Replace rectifier

- Noisy operation of the generator

а) wear or seizing of bearings

Replace bearings

b) rotor touching the stator poles

Replace bearings


- When the starter is turned on, the traction relay is activated, but the starter does not turn the engine crankshaft or rotates it very slowly

- Wear of the contact surfaces of the switching parts of the relay

Replace the traction relay

- After starting the engine, the starter drive disengages, and the armature continues to rotate

- Welded traction relay contacts

Replace the traction relay