Hinges are used to open the cabin door and hold it in a vertical position, and a roller-type door stop is used to limit the opening angle and fix (hold) the door in the open position

The door hinges are equipped with metal-fluoroplastic bushings and do not require maintenance in operation. to replace the cabin door in case of damage, there is a bolted connection on the hinges, by unscrewing it and disconnecting the limiter lever (it is necessary to remove the pin), you can remove the door from the cabin.

GAZ-2705 cabin door fixing

Fig. Cabin door hinge:

Installing a new or repaired door is done in the reverse order: it is fixed on the cab, and then the limiter lever is attached.

In case of breakage (breakage) of the limiter lever, it should be replaced.

Operation of the car with a broken lever is not allowed due to possible damage to the door.

Replacement of the limiter lever should be carried out in the following order:

- remove the window handle;

- remove the socket of the internal drive handle;

- remove the handrail on the door;

- remove the upholstery and anti-noise pad;

- remove the cotter pin and the pin of the bracket limiter lever;

- remove the broken lever;

- install a new lever with a buffer;

- do the rest of the assembly in reverse order.