Hinges are used to open the cabin door and hold it in a vertical position, and a roller-type door stop is used to limit the opening angle and fix (hold) the door in the open position

The door hinges are equipped with fluoroplastic bushings and do not require maintenance during operation.

To replace the cabin door in case of damage, there is a bolted connection on the hinges, by unscrewing it and disconnecting the limiter lever (you need to remove the pin), you can remove the door from the cabin.

Fig.1. Cabin door hinge:

Installation of a new or repaired door is carried out in the reverse order: secured to the cabin, and then the stop lever is attached.

If the limiter lever is broken (broken), it should be replaced.

Operating a vehicle with a broken lever is not allowed due to possible damage to the door.

The limiter lever should be replaced in the following order:

  • - remove the window lifter handle;
  • - remove the socket of the internal drive handle;
  • - remove the handrail on the door;
  • - remove the upholstery and anti-noise gasket;
  • - remove the cotter pin and pin securing the bracket stop lever;
  • - remove the broken lever;
  • - install a new lever with a buffer;
  • - perform the rest of the assembly in reverse order.

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