The total travel of the brake pedal must be at least 150 mm

The position of the switch 1 (Fig. 1) of the brake signal is adjusted by setting a gap (8 ± 1) mm between the end of the threaded part of the switch and the thrust pad 4 of the pedal using nuts 2 and 3.

GAZ-2705 brake pedal

The free play of the brake pedal with a working brake system and an idle engine should be 3-5 mm (checked by pressing the pedal with your hand).

The brake pedal must freely, without jamming, turn on the axis and return to its original position.

In case of tight movement, it is recommended to lubricate the plastic bushings 6 with graphite grease.

Removing the pedal assembly

Remove the steering column pads.

Disconnect the wires from the brake light switch.

Disconnect the rods of the vacuum booster and the clutch master cylinder from the pedals.

We tie the vacuum booster to the wiper bracket and with the “13” head we unscrew the four nuts securing the booster. We push it into the engine compartment so that the mounting studs come out of the holes in the partition of the engine compartment.

GAZ-2705 brake pedalGAZ-2705 brake pedal

With a “12” head, we unscrew the two bolts securing the pedal assembly to the partition of the engine compartment.

Disconnect the wires from the battery switch.

With a “10” head, unscrew the two nuts securing the alarm switch bracket.

GAZ-2705 brake pedalGAZ-2705 brake pedal

Using the “12” head, unscrew the four steering column mounting bolts and carefully lower the steering column onto the seat (so as not to damage the switch wires).

We remove the instrument cluster without disconnecting the wires from it (see Removing the instrument cluster), and through the resulting opening with a “12” head, unscrew the two bolts of the upper fastening of the pedal assembly.

 Педаль тормоза ГАЗ-2705

Remove the pedal assembly (the steering column is removed for clarity).

We install the pedal assembly in the reverse order, lubricating the pedal axles with grease.