During operation, it may be necessary to adjust the full opening of the carburetor throttle valve and the position of the pedal

If on vehicles of the UAZ-31512 family, when you press the pedal all the way to the floor, the throttle valve does not open completely, then loosen lock nut 2 (Fig. 1) and, by rotating clutch 3, shorten the pedal rod.

Shorten it enough to ensure full opening of the carburetor throttle valve, but the compensation spring 7 should not be fully compressed.

Fig. 1. Control of the carburetor of cars of the UAZ-31512 family: 1 - throttle control pedal; 2, 16 - locknuts; 3 - adjusting coupling; 4 - tension spring; 5 - bracket; 6 - roller; 7 - compensation spring; 8 - lever; 9, 10 - nuts; 11 - traction; 12 - intermediate lever; 13 - throttle valve drive cable lever; 14 - bracket for fastening the cable sheath; 15 - adjustable draft; 17 - tip; 18 - throttle lever; 19 - throttle drive handle; 20 - throttle valve drive handle

In the released position, the pedal should be at a distance of 80–95 mm from the inclined floor.

After adjustment, tighten locknut 2.

If the length of the thread on the accelerator pedal rod is not enough to make the adjustment, then change the length of the rod 15 by screwing or unscrewing it from the tip 17, to do this, loosen the lock nut 16 and tighten it after adjustment.

Periodically lubricate the rubber bushings of roller 6 of the throttle valve with brake fluid, and the flexible rods for manual control of the air and throttle valves with Litol-24 lubricant.

Service the carburetor throttle control drive for cars of the UAZ-3741 family in the following order:

Fig. 2. Carburetor control for cars of the UAZ-3741 family: 1 - accelerator pedal; 2 - pedal roller; 3 - nut; 4 - roller lever; 5 - lock nut; 6 - accelerator roller rod; 7 - throttle lever; 8 - traction lever; 9 - throttle control handle; 10 - air damper control knob

Disconnect the end of the spring from lever 4 (Fig. 2) of the roller.

Loosen lock nut 5.

Pull back the lever 4 of the roller until the throttle valve is completely closed (as far as the idle screw will allow) and, holding it in this position, set pedal 1 together with roller 2 in such a position that the distance from the floor to the upper end of the pedal is 120 ±5 mm.

Tighten lock nut 5 in this position and hook the spring to lever 4 of the roller.

If the drive is adjusted correctly, then when the pedal is released and the manual control handle is fully retracted, the throttle valve should be closed, and when the pedal is pressed all the way, it should be completely open.

Maintenance of manual throttle and air damper actuators

Adjust the manual throttle drive by changing the location of the linkage.

When attaching its end to the articulated coupling of lever 13 (see Fig. 1), ensure that the throttle valve is completely closed when handle 20 is pushed in all the way, and is open at least 3/4 of a turn when the handle is pulled out. .

Adjust the air damper drive also by changing the attachment points of the rod, the end of which is secured in the articulated coupling of the air damper lever.

When the drive handle is fully extended, the air damper should close tightly.

When the air damper is fully open, the drive handle may not reach the stop against the panel by 2 mm.

When moving the rods tightly in the shells, lubricate them with Litol-24 lubricant.

To lubricate the rod, pull it out of the shell, first loosening the screw securing the rod to the lever.

Adjustment of manual throttle and air damper drives for UAZ-3741 family vehicles is similar to that described above.

Nominal flow rate of carburetor jets K-126GU, (ml/min)

Main fuel jet:

  • First chamber 240±3.0;
  • Second camera 350±4.5

Main air jet:

  • First camera 280±3.5;
  • Second camera 280±3.5

Idle jet block:

  • Fuel first chamber 50±1.0;
  • Fuel second chamber 95+1.5
  • Air first chamber 285±4.0;
  • Air second chamber 285±4.0