In the article we will consider possible malfunctions of the rear axle of the UAZ-3151

- Cause of malfunction

Elimination method

Increased noise:

  • - Increased lateral clearance in the meshing of the main gears
  • - The teeth of the main gear gears are worn

Replace worn gears; You should not compensate for wear by adjusting the position of the gears to avoid jamming of the main gear

- main gear drive gear bearings are worn out:

adjust or replace worn bearings;

- differential bearings are worn out;

replace worn bearings;

- the driven gear is loosened to the differential;

tighten the driven gear mounting bolts;

- Loosening the bearings of the main gear drive gear

Tighten the nut all the way

- Incorrect adjustment of the main gear gear engagement by contact

Adjust the engagement according to the contact patch (if there is no tooth wear)*

- Reduced oil level in the axle crankcase

Add oil into the crankcase to the bottom edge of the oil filler hole

Increased noise (when turning or slipping car):

- Malfunctions in differential parts (wear of gear teeth on the rubbing surfaces of the gearbox and associated surfaces of other parts)

Replace worn parts

Strong knocking sound (when pressing the carburetor throttle pedal after coasting):

- Increased lateral clearance in the meshing of the main gears due to tooth wear

Replace the gears as a set

- Wear of differential parts

Replace worn parts

- Wear of axle shaft splines

Replace the axle shafts

Oil leak through the drive gear seal:

- Wear of the cuff or surface (under the cuff) of the flange securing the propeller shaft to the drive gear

Replace the cuff or flange

- The oil level in the axle housing is increased

Check the oil level and adjust it to normal

- Safety valve dirty

Clean the valve (breather)

Oil leak in the plane of the bridge housing connector:

- Loosening of the cover and crankcase or damage to the gasket

Tighten the nuts or replace the gasket (gasket thickness 0.12 mm; material - release paper)

Oil leak in the plane of the crankcase connector and the drive gear front bearing cover:

- The cover is loose or the gaskets are damaged

Tighten the bolts or replace the gaskets (the thickness of the gasket package should be 1.3 times greater than the gap between the ends of the cover and the crankcase; the material of the gaskets is cardboard)