The durability of a repaired engine largely depends on its running-in at the stand and the mode of operation on the car during the first 1000 km of run

It is recommended to run the engine on the test bench in the following mode:

1. Cold break-in at crankshaft speed 1200–1500 min -1 for 15 minutes.

2. Hot running at idle:

- at 1000 min -1 – 1 hour, at 1500 min -1 – 1 hour,

- at 2000 min -1 - 30 minutes,

- at 2500 min -1 - 15 minutes.

Maintain oil pressure at least 2.5 kgf/cm 2 , and its temperature at the engine inlet at least 50 °C.

The temperature of the water at the outlet of the engine should be 70-85°C, and at the inlet - at least 50°C.

Then adjust and test the motor up to 3000 rpm -1.

To improve the running-in of parts of an engine run-in at the stand and then installed on a car, do not exceed the following speeds during the first 1000 km of run:

- in fourth (direct) gear - 45–50 km/h,

- in third gear - 30 km/h,

- on the second - 20 km/h

- and on the first one - 12 km/h.

Do not overload the vehicle and do not drive on bad roads (mud, sand, steep hills).

Before starting off, warm up the engine until it runs smoothly without enriching the working mixture.

Change the oil after the first 500 km.

If there is no stand, run the engine on the car during the first 1000 km of run, as indicated above.