Relieving fuel pressure

Usually the fuel pressure is released to carry out work related to the repair and maintenance of the fuel system

Removing the F-21 fuel pump circuit fuse

Relieving fuel pressure

You can disconnect the wire block from the fuel module

Having turned on the starter, turn the crankshaft for 10-15 s.

If the engine starts, wait until all the gasoline in the fuel line is exhausted and the engine stalls.

You can relieve pressure in another way:

Open the cover of the fuse box in the car interior on the left side of the instrument panel.

Removing the fuse for the power supply circuit of the electric fuel pump module: 1 - fuse F21 (15A) for the power supply circuit of the fuel pump module; 2 - mounting block

Remove the fuse for the power supply circuit of the electric fuel pump (Fig. 2).

Start the engine and let it run until it stops completely due to the exhaustion of remaining fuel.

Turn off the ignition.

Place the fuse in place and close it with the lid.

After releasing the pressure, a small amount of gasoline remains in the fuel line. Do not allow it to come into contact with hot parts.

Replacing the fuel filter

The manufacturer recommends replacing the fine fuel filter every 30,000 km.

Its condition depends on the quality of the gasoline: the dirtier the gasoline, the faster the filter becomes clogged.

Jerking when the car moves, first at high and then at low speeds, most likely indicates a clogged filter.

A decrease in filter throughput is also evidenced by an increased noise level of the electric fuel pump.

The fuel filter is installed at the bottom in a bracket fixed to the fuel tank, so it is more convenient to work with the car mounted on a lift or inspection ditch.


Relieve the fuel pressure.

After releasing the pressure, a small amount of fuel remains in the fuel line.

We wipe the fuel filter and the fuel pipes connected to it with a rag.

Before disconnecting the tip of the tube from the filter, prepare a small, wide container to drain the remaining gasoline from the fuel line.

Replacing the fuel filter

Squeezing the two clamps, remove the tip of the fuel supply pipe from the filter fitting

Replacing the fuel filter

Also remove the tip of the fuel outlet pipe

Replacing the fuel filter

Remove the filter from the holder.


Install the new filter in reverse order.

Replacing the fuel filter

Pay attention to the arrow marked on the filter housing indicating the direction of fuel flow.

It should be directed towards the front of the car.