If the power steering is not working, the steering mechanism still turns the wheels, but the ball screws and other parts are under heavy loads

Prolonged use with a non-working hydraulic system causes premature wear.

The movement of a car with an inoperative power steering and even when towing should be minimized.

When starting to repair the steering gear, power steering pump and other steering assembly units, keep in mind that the restoration of parts that have exhausted their performance due to wear is not allowed in these assembly units.

The manufacture of such parts with high precision and cleanliness of working surfaces, as well as their selective selection during assembly, is possible only in specialized production.

Repair of steering mechanisms and pumps in the conditions of motor transport enterprises is possible only by replacing failed units or parts with serviceable ones.

Check and adjust the steering gear on the vehicle with the tie rod disconnected and the engine off.

Pre-check the wheel balance, air pressure in the tires, the presence of lubrication in the steering and wheel hubs, the adjustment of the wheel hub bearings and steering rods, the operation of the shock absorbers, the installation of the front wheels.

In addition, check the oil level in the power steering pump reservoir, make sure there is no air in the system, sediment or dirt in the reservoir and on the pump filter, oil leaks in the oil line connections.

Cause of malfunction (Remedy)

Vehicle erratic:

  • - Increased free play of the steering wheel

Adjust wheel play

  • - Parts of the steering gear screw pair are worn out

Replace Ball Screw Kit

  • - Sticking of the spool or jet plungers in the control valve body

Rinse parts, remove jamming

  • - Steering screw thrust bearing nut loose

Remove the front cover and tighten the nut

The steering wheel turns with great effort:

  • - Insufficient oil level in the reservoir

Add oil to the correct level

  • - The presence of air in the system, the appearance of foam, cloudy oil

Bleed the hydraulic system

  • - Increased internal oil leakage in units and assemblies

Fix leak by tightening or replacing seals, replace damaged or worn parts

  • - Adjustment of the steering gear and drive is broken

Check and adjust steering gear and toe-in

  • - The adjustment of the safety valve is broken, its leakage

Check and adjust safety valve, repair leaks

  • - Pump failure

Check, repair or replace the pump

  • - Steering screw bearings loose

Check the tightening and locking of the nut

  • - There is no clearance in the gearing of the steering mechanism

Set normal clearance with adjusting screw

Increased noise during pump operation:

  • Insufficient oil level

Add oil to the correct level. Rinse or replace the filter

Excess oil in pump reservoir:

  • - Strainer clogged or damaged

Top up the oil level. Rinse or replace the filter

Knocking in the steering gear:

  • - The adjustment is broken or the parts of the steering mechanism are damaged

Adjust engagement, replace worn or damaged parts

Bumps on the steering wheel when driving at high speeds:

  • - Wheels out of balance

Check and correct wheel imbalance