Maintenance of transfer case Kamaz

Maintenance of the transfer case includes checking and tightening the crankcase mounts and its covers, checking and, if necessary, adjusting and lubricating the control actuators, maintaining the desired oil level in the crankcase, periodically changing the oil, and eliminating faults identified during operation.

The oil is poured to the level of the control hole located on the rear wall of the box crankcase.

Oil is drained through a hole in the bottom of the crankcase.

A magnetic plug is installed in the drain hole, which is recommended to be thoroughly washed in kerosene when changing the oil.

5.4 liters of transmission oil used for drive axles are poured into the transfer case crankcase.

Increased noise in the transfer case may be due to increased wear of the gears and increased shaft displacements in the axial direction, which is associated with wear of the bearings or lack of oil in the transfer case housing.

If there is increased noise, it is necessary to check the adjustment of the bearings of the input and intermediate shafts, check the level and, if necessary, add oil to the crankcase.

The gears of the transfer case do not turn off due to damage to the membranes of the pneumatic chambers, an open circuit of the pneumatic electrovalve.

If these malfunctions are detected, it is necessary to replace the damaged membrane, eliminate the open circuit in the electrical circuit, and eliminate the jamming of the stem.

If an air leak is detected in the pipe connections, then it is necessary to tighten the connections and replace the worn parts.

If oil leaks through the cuffs and connectors of the covers, replace worn or damaged cuffs, tighten the bolts of the covers and replace the gaskets.