To move the sliding window and hold it in any position, a window lifter is used - a cable type, self-braking, with a central guide

The window lifter consists of the following main parts: a gearbox housing, a brake shaft housing cover, a brake spring, a small gear, a cable, a drum, a drum wheel, bushings and cable shells, a guide with rollers, a slider guide, a backstage stone.

To move the window up or down, turn the power window knob in the appropriate direction.

In this case, the force from the window handle will be transmitted through the roller to the small gear, and then to the drum wheel and the drum itself, which moves the cable (winds and releases the cable) and, therefore, the guide slider with the backstage stone.

Distinctive features of the power window are the use of gears and wheels made of cermet, which increases the durability of the assembly; no additional adjustments after installing it on the door.

A properly assembled power window requires no additional maintenance.

Door Window Lifter

To replace or repair the power window, work in the following order:

- remove the handle 4 of the power window, for which you should press the socket 2 of the handle to the upholstery, release access to the cylindrical pin 3 and push it out of the handle;

- remove the socket of the internal drive handle;

- remove the handrail on the door;

- remove the door trim, anti-noise gasket and release the mounting hatches;

- lower the glass so that the power window link 8 can be seen in the mounting hatch, unscrew the screws securing the link 7;

- raise the glass to the upper position with your hands and lock it with a wooden wedge;

- unscrew the screws 1 and nuts of the power window and remove the power window from the door together with the link;

- replace or repair the power window, install the link 8 and assemble the door in reverse order.

After installing the power window in the door and attaching the glass, check its operation by moving (rotating) the handle in both directions.

To repair the power window, replace the brake spring, unscrew the 4 screws securing the gearbox cover and remove the cover together with the small gear.

Then remove the small gear from the brake shaft and pay attention to the installation of the gear shank; remove the brake roller and the broken spring.

Replace spring and assemble in reverse order; before installation, generously lubricate the place for the spring with CIATIM-201, LITA or Litol-24 grease.

After assembly, check the operation of the power window by turning the handle in both directions.

Malfunctions that may occur during operation



Power window handle rotates in one direction:

- Broken brake spring

Replace spring or power window

Glass only moves in one direction:

- The power window cable is broken or the end of the cable is broken

Replace spring or window lifter