Replacement of the fuel pump of a GAZ-3110 car with a ZMZ-406 engine

Reduce pressure in the power system if the engine has just been stopped

Disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery.

Replacement of pump ZMZ-406

Loosen the clamps and disconnect hoses 1 and 4 from fuel pump 3.

Unscrew the four fastening nuts 2 and remove the pump assembly with bracket from the studs.

Replacement of pump ZMZ-406

Unscrew the two nuts 2 and disconnect the wires from the pump terminals.

To remove pump 3 from the bracket, you need to loosen bolt 1.

Replacement of pump ZMZ-406

Install the new pump in reverse order.

Before installing the pump, inspect the cushions.

Replace defective pillows.


Repair of the crankshaft consists of regrinding the main and connecting rod journals to the next repair size

The hydraulic clutch release (Fig. 1) of vehicles of the UAZ-31512 family consists of a suspended pedal 19, a master cylinder 5, a hydraulic pipe 4, a hydraulic hose 24 and a working cylinder 25