Basic instructions for replacing piston rings D-245E3

Remove the cylinder head and oil pan from the diesel.

Lower the piston to bottom dead center by turning the diesel flywheel by hand.

Clean the upper belt of the liner from carbon deposits, while preventing carbon particles from entering the cylinder.

It is not allowed to use a steel scraper for cleaning in order to avoid damage to the “mirror” of the sleeve.

Piston ring installation diagram

Figure 1 - Piston ring installation diagram

Unscrew the nuts securing the connecting rod cap, remove the connecting rod cap and remove the piston assembly with the connecting rod from the cylinder.

Remove the piston with the connecting rod upwards - towards the cylinder head.

At each diesel piston, in accordance with Figure 1, an upper trapezoidal compression ring, one conical compression ring and one box-type oil scraper ring with a spring expander are installed.

Compression rings on the end surface near the lock are marked “top” or “TOP”, which, when installing the rings, should be facing the piston bottom.

The joint of the oil ring expander must not coincide with the ring lock.

Piston ring locks are evenly spaced around the circumference.

Insert the piston with the connecting rod into the cylinder, install the connecting rod cap.

To avoid breakage of the piston rings when installing the piston with the connecting rod in the cylinder, use a mandrel to crimp the rings.