Fuel separator mounted on front fuel tank bracket

The filter element of the sump consists of a large number of aluminum plates 12 with a thickness of 0.14 mm,

which have protrusions14 0.05 mm high; therefore, a gap of 0.05 mm wide remains between the plates, and only pure gasoline passes into the holes 13, and particles of sand and dirt larger than 0.05 mm are retained.

Fuel filter-sump of ZIL-131

Care of the fuel filter-sump consists in the systematic draining of water and dirt through plug 10, as well as in the periodic disassembly and washing of the filter element.

When draining mud from the sump, as well as when disassembling it, you must first turn off the fuel tanks by setting the valve handle 12 to the “Closed” position.

To flush the element, unscrew bolt 4 (Fig. 1) on the filter cover and remove housing 1 together with the filter element.

When disassembling the sediment filter, it is important not to damage gasket 2, which ensures the tightness of the housing with the cover.

After unscrewing the plug and emptying the sump, it is necessary to rinse it with clean gasoline.

To do this, open the tap on the gas tank for a time sufficient to rinse the sump with clean gasoline.

After washing the element with gasoline, install it in place and tighten the bolt on the cover.

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