The coolant pump is being repaired due to the appearance of coolant leakage from the control hole

Repair sequence

KAMAZ Coolant Pump Repair

1. Draining the coolant

KAMAZ Coolant Pump Repair KAMAZ Coolant Pump Repair

  • 2. Loosen the tension of the pump drive belt and remove the belt
  • 3. Loosen the coolant supply clamp

You can unscrew the pump nozzle

  • 4. Unscrew the three pump mounting bolts
  • 5. We remove the pump, while taking out the inlet pipes to the thermostat housing and fluid coupling
  • 6. We unscrew the bolt securing the pump pulley 18
  • 7. Unscrew the cap nut fastening the impeller 22
  • 8. Using a soft metal drift and a hammer, we knock out the shaft along with bearings and cuffs
  • 9. We assemble in the sequence shown in the figure

KAMAZ coolant pump repair

After assembly, we press Litol 24 through a grease bottle. We replace the sealing rings and gasket.

When installing the pipes, lubricate the O-rings with Litol.

Spare parts are supplied as a complete roller with bearings and cuffs, or separately.

To replace the stuffing box, the water pump is disassembled in the following sequence: the lock washer is bent and the cap nut is unscrewed, while keeping the roller from turning.

Water pump repairWater pump repair

After that, the following are removed in succession: using the I-81.33.000 puller, the impeller with the stuffing box, sealing and thrust rings; puller I-81.40.000 removes the pulley, knocks out the key, removes the dust deflector, the retaining ring and presses out the roller assembly with ball bearings.

The seal is then removed from the pump housing. The defective seal is replaced with a new one.

The water pump is assembled as follows.

The roller assembly with bearings is installed in the housing.

After that, the seal is pressed onto the pump shaft with a mandrel, as shown in the figure, and the impeller is pressed with another mandrel, as shown in the figure.

A retaining ring, a dust deflector, a key are installed on the second end of the roller and a pulley is pressed in.

After assembly, the cavity of the ball bearings is filled with Litol-24 grease.

During operation, the lubricant is replenished at each TO-2.