The car is equipped with an electric wiper with two brushes. The wiper motor with gearbox and drive lever system is located in the engine compartment

The wiper consists of an electric motor with a gearbox, a base, a lever system, brushes, a bimetallic fuse and a limit switch.

The gearbox worm is made as a single unit with the motor shaft. In engagement with the worm is a worm wheel, with the axis of which is connected the lever system of the drive and brushes.

The windshield wiper and washer are controlled by a switch located on the steering column.

After the switch is turned off, the motor does not immediately turn off and the brushes continue to move on the glass until they reach the bottom position. At this point, the limit switch will switch the circuit and the motor will stop.

Wiper Specifications

Wiper 60.5205010 or 70.5205

Rated voltage 12 Volts

Number of double strokes per minute: at low speed, no more than 20-45

at high speed, at least 45

The difference between the first and second speed of double strokes per minute, at least 15

The force of pressing the brushes to the glass, N (kgf) 6.0—7.0 (0.6—0.7)

Angle of sweep of brushes on wetted glass, deg: left - 85 right - 90

Consumed current, no more than 4 A

Wiper intermittent relay 524.3747-01

Wiper Maintenance

Periodically lubricate the wiper linkages.

Lubrication should be done with engine oil, 5 drops at each connection point.

To obtain a good cleaning of the windshield, it is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of the glass surface, avoiding oil stains on it that interfere with moisture removal.

The rubber band of the brushes must be protected from oil and gasoline.

To avoid damage to the windshield, remember:

- if there is dry dust and dirt on the glass, do not turn on the wiper;

- if it is necessary to remove the wiper blades, it is recommended to put pieces of a rubber tube on the ends of the levers.

The rubber band of the brush must be elastic, straight and not have flaws along the entire length adjacent to the glass edge. Under these conditions, the brush should wipe off the heavily dampened glass in no more than five double strokes at low speed.

If necessary, install the brushes as follows:

- remove the brush levers from the axles;

- turn on the wiper and turn it off after 1-2 minutes of operation;

- install levers with brushes. The brushes should be located along the lower plastic glass lining, but not touching it. Fix the levers in this position;

- turn on the wiper. When working, the brushes should not touch the cladding.

If the brushes hit the cladding or stop too high after switching off, then you need to slightly change the setting of the levers on the axle.

Wiper and washer GAZ-2705

When the windscreen wiper fails, it is necessary to determine whether the fault is the wiper or the switch.

To do this, disconnect the plug from the switch (it is located under the instrument panel) and connect the plug lugs of the block (which remained on the wiring harness going to the wiper) as shown in fig. 1. , "A" for low speed and fig. 1, "B" for high speed.

If the wiper starts working, this indicates a switch failure, and if not, the wiper is defective.

Wiper and washer GAZ-2705

To check the operability of the wiper removed from the car, it is necessary to connect the plug-in block of the wiper according to the diagram shown in fig. 2. (Lamp 2 will flash).

If the wiper works at low and high speeds, but does not work intermittently, check the intermittent operation relay.

Wiper and washer GAZ-2705

To check the switches with a test lamp, use fig. 3 and 4.

Wiper and washer GAZ-2705

Wiper relay

The electronic wiper relay 524.3747 is used to create intermittent wiper operation.

When you turn on the wiper in intermittent operation, it should do 7-19 cycles per minute.

The health of the relay can only be checked when working with a windshield wiper. A defective relay must be replaced.

Window washer

Wiper and washer GAZ-2705

The windshield washer consists of a tank in which a pump driven by an electric motor, jets and hoses are installed (Fig. 5).

Water is used as a working fluid, and at temperatures below 0 ° C, the Obzor fluid, produced in three grades:

А — for ambient temperature up to minus 35°С,

B — for ambient temperature up to minus 20°С,

В — for ambient temperature down to minus 5°С.


Maintenance of the windshield washer consists in periodically checking the tightness of the hoses at the points of their attachment to the tips and jets, washing the jets and the suction filter, flushing the tank and filling it with clean liquid.

The direction of the jets of water from the jets can be adjusted by turning the balls of the jets.