Cars Ural (6x6) with diesel engines YaMZ-236M2 and YaMZ-238M2 JSC Avtodizel, Yaroslavl, three-seat all-metal cab located behind engine, designed to transport goods,

people and towing trailers on all kinds of roads and terrain.

The base models are Ural-4320-10 and Ural-4320-31 multi-purpose vehicles, created by upgrading the Ural-4320 vehicle, where hyphens -10 and 31(30) show the engine model (YaMZ-236M2 or YaMZ-238M2, respectively ) installed on the car

Ural car layout

Ural cars are designed for operation at ambient temperatures in the range from plus 50 to minus 45 ˚С (for a short time up to minus 50 °С).

The following modifications are produced on the basis of Ural-4320-10 and Ural-4320-31 vehicles:

  • - cars Ural-43202--10 and Ural-43202--3 1, general transport purpose with a wooden platform;
  • — chassis Ural-4320-10, Ural 43202-10 and Ural-4320-31, Ural-43202-31, intended for completing special equipment;
  • - chassis Ural-43203-10 and Ural-43203-31 are designed for installation of bodies - vans;
  • - truck tractors Ural-4420-10 and Ural-4420-31 are designed for towing special semi-trailers on all types of roads and terrain;
  • - truck tractors Ural-44202-1O and Ural-44202-31 are designed for towing semi-trailers on all types of roads;
  • - vehicles Ural-4320-09 11-10 and Ural-4320-09 17-30 are designed to transport the property of the NZhM-56 floating bridge on all types of roads;
  • — the Ural-4320-0911-30 vehicle with an increased base is designed to transport goods and people on all types of roads and terrain;
  • - chassis Ural-4320-1910-10, Ural-4320-1911-10, Ural-4320-1912-10 and Ural-4320-1910-30, Ural-4320-1911-30, Ural-4320-1912 —30 with an increased base are used to complete special equipment;
  • — the Ural-4320-0710-10 vehicle is intended for the carriage of goods and towing special trailers (gross weight up to 8500 kg), while the maximum speed of the vehicle is limited to 70 km/h, and road trains to 65 km/h;
  • — Ural-4320-0611-10 vehicle is equipped with a wooden platform without an awning and is intended for the transport of goods.

Various products are also manufactured on the basis of Ural vehicles and chassis (tanks, truck cranes, oilfield equipment, van bodies, etc.).

The marking of the vehicle is made on the nameplate fixed on the right panel of the cab sidewall in the area of ​​the threshold and on the right side member of the frame in its rear part.