The system of external and internal lighting (Fig. 1) is designed to ensure the safety of the vehicle, as well as lighting the driver's workplace

The system of external and internal lighting of the car includes headlights, fog lights, front lights, taillights, engine compartment lamp, ceiling lights for the glove box and bed, cartridges with instrument lighting lamps, cab lights, portable lamp.

The connection of all consumers to the power source is made according to a single-wire circuit, with the exception of the ceiling lamp 4 of the glove box, the negative output of which is displayed on the fuse panel.

The inclusion of the dipped and main beam of headlights 3 and 11, fog lamps 1 and 2 and side lights is carried out by a combined switch 19 directly from the power source through an ammeter.

The dipped-beam and fog lamp circuits are protected by PRZ 10 thermobimetallic fuses installed on the fuse panel.

The high beam circuit is protected by a separate fuse of the same type.

The circuit of side lights and instrument lighting lamps is protected by an automatic thermal bimetallic fuse type 13.3722.

Functional diagram of interior lighting

Functional diagram of outdoor lighting