Remove the air filter

Unscrew screw 6 securing the rod 2 to the air damper drive lever, unscrew screw 1 securing the rod to the bracket and disconnect the rod from the carburetor

Removing the carburetor GAZ-2705

Unscrew nut 7 securing the accelerator cable to the throttle valve drive sector, move the oil seal 5, unscrew nut 4 and remove rod 3 from the bracket and throttle valve drive sector.

Removing the carburetor GAZ-2705

Having loosened the clamps, remove from the carburetor fittings the fuel supply hoses 2 and drain 3, hose 1 of the crankcase ventilation system, the vacuum hose for controlling the forced idle economizer (EPHH) on the back side of the carburetor and hose 5 to the electromagnetic valve of the EPHH system, to the vacuum - ignition distributor corrector 7 and to the exhaust gas recirculation thermal switch

Removing the carburetor GAZ-2705

Disconnect wires 6 from the microswitch of the EPHH system. 4.

Unscrew the four nuts 1 securing the carburetor to the intake pipe, remove the cable holder 2 and dismantle the carburetor.

For details on removing and installing the carburetor and adjusting the drive, see the article - "Removing and installing the GAZ-2705 carburetor"