We replace brake pads simultaneously on both front wheels of the car by reducing the thickness of the linings to 3 mm

The first 80-100 km after installing new linings, until they have broken in, you should be careful when braking, as the braking distance of the car may be slightly increased.

During this period, prolonged braking must be avoided so as not to overheat the brake linings during the running-in process.

Remove the front wheel.

How to replace front pads GAZ-2705

Holding the guide pin with a 17mm wrench, unscrew and remove the bracket fastening bolt.

How to replace front pads GAZ-2705

Rotate the brake caliper body around the second guide pin, this opens access to the pads

Attention: Do not press the brake pedal with the brake lever retracted.

Check carefully:

  • - condition of the piston protective cover. If ruptures or cracks are found on it, it must be replaced with a new one (see Repair of the GAZ-2705 front brake);
  • - condition of the guide pin covers. If damage is detected, the cover must be replaced;
  • - moving the fingers at the base. Moving should be easy, without jamming.

If it is difficult to move the fingers, disassemble them and replace them if necessary.

How to replace front pads GAZ-2705

We remove the old brake pads and install new ones, having first cleared the guide grooves and ledges of the base on which the pads rest from dirt.

How to replace front pads GAZ-2705

Using sliding pliers, press the piston into the bracket.

To facilitate the displacement of brake fluid from the housing cylinder, the bleeder valve can be opened; a rubber hose must first be placed on it.

Close the bleeder valve as soon as the piston is completely buried in the housing cylinder.

Rotate and install the bracket in the reverse order, making sure that the pad springs are correctly positioned and the finger covers are installed.

Tighten the pin mounting bolt and tighten it to a torque of 32-39 Nm (3.2-3.9 kgf m);

We replace the brake pads of the other front wheel in the same way.

Before starting to move, press the brake pedal several times until resistance is felt on it, to self-install the front brake mechanisms.