Remove the door upholstery to repair the internal parts of the doors

Open the door.

Remove the outside rearview mirror.

GAZ-3110 door panel replacementReplacing the GAZ-3110 door panel 3110

Remove the plug from the armrest by prying it with a screwdriver.

Remove the three screws and remove the armrest.

GAZ-3110 door panel replacement

Remove the power window handle.

To do this, press the socket of the handle with a screwdriver and push out the locking pin with a hard wire or a nail of a suitable diameter.

If the pin is tight, knock it out with light hammer blows on the nail.

GAZ-3110 door panel replacementGAZ-3110 door panel replacement

Remove the socket screw.

Remove the socket of the inner door lock handle by pulling the handle towards you.

GAZ-3110 door panel replacementGAZ-3110 door panel replacement

Remove the five fixing screws, and remove the bottom trim panel from the door.

Remove the three clips of the upholstery fastening from the holes on the door, wring out the upholstery with a screwdriver at the installation sites

GAZ-3110 door panel replacementGAZ-3110 door panel replacement

Press the lower edge of the lining away from the door so that the inner handle of the door lock comes out of the hole in the lining

Remove trim up

Upholstery is installed in reverse order

Installing the door upholstery

Install the window sill trim from above so that the trim flange fits into the door window opening, and the front of the flange goes behind the guide on the inner door panel.

In order for the pad to snap into place, knock it out from above with light blows from your fist or a rubber mallet.

Tighten the three screws securing the bottom of the trim to the inner door panel.

wrap the door lock button.

Put the spring on the window handle roller.

The narrow end of the spring should be facing the door panel.

Insert the upper part of the upholstery under the lower edge of the window sill lining, while aligning the holes for the roller of the window handle and the caps for fastening the upholstery.

If the upholstery does not fit under the edge of the lining, you need to slightly press the bottom edge of the window sill lining with a screwdriver. Press the upholstery clips into the holes in the door panel.

Install the lower upholstery trim and tighten the five screws securing it.

Pull the inner handle of the door lock towards you, put the socket on it and insert the socket into the hole in the window sill of the door.

Push in the socket so that its locking lugs engage with the trim, and tighten the socket fixing screw.

Insert the locking pin into the power window handle, if necessary, hold it with your finger to prevent it from falling out.

Put the socket and window handle on the roller.

Press socket so that the groove on the roller is visible.

Slide the power window handle on the roller so that the pin matches the groove on the roller.

Press the pin with a stiff wire or nail flush with the surface of the handle.

Install the armrest, tighten the three screws securing it and install the cap.

Install the outside rearview mirror.

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