Disassembly and assembly of the intermediate shaft of the GAZ-3110 gearbox

Compress the ball bearings 1 and, if necessary, the pressed-on gear rims from the intermediate shaft

Idle Gear Disassembly

Intermediate shaft assembly

Heat the gears to a temperature of 150 °C, cool the intermediate shaft for 30 minutes and press the gears onto the shaft.

Layer shaft assembly

Lubricate the cooled shaft and other parts with a thin layer of transmission oil.

Install retaining ring.

Press the bearings onto the shaft, applying force to the inner rings of the bearings.

Disassembly of the reverse idle gear axle

Press out spring pin 1 and remove sleeve 2.

After that, you can remove the intermediate gear 3 reverse with a needle bearing.

Layer shaft assembly

Reverse Idler Shaft Assembly

Lubricate the parts of the reverse idle gear shaft with a thin coat of transmission oil.

Insert the needles (21 pcs.) of the bearing into the hole of the reverse idler gear.

For ease of installation, it is allowed to lubricate the seat with grease.

Install the reverse idle gear onto the axle.

Install the bushing on the axle and turn it so that the chamfers for the axle mounting bolts in the bushing and the head are in the same plane.

Press in the spring pin.

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