The car's on-board circuit (except for the starter circuit) is powered by two fuses

The lighting circuit is protected by a 40 A fuse, the remaining circuits are 60 A. Both fuses are installed in a block mounted on a bulkhead in the engine compartment

In addition, each circuit of all electricity consumers is additionally protected by fuses with a lower operating current.

They are located in two blocks under the dashboard on the driver's side.

The rated current of the fuses and the circuits they protect are shown in the table.

Fuses are numbered from left to right, 8 A - black; 16 A - green.

The starter circuit is designed for short-term high current and does not have a fuse.

When repairing the electrical system, disconnect the battery. Do not use fuses with an increased “value” or homemade ones - this can lead to failure of the electrical consumer, and possibly a fire.

Replacing the central fuses of the car's on-board network

Gazelle car fusesGazelle car fuses

With your fingers, squeezing the latches on both sides, remove the block cover.

Using the “10” key, unscrew the two nuts and, having removed the wires from the studs, replace the faulty fuse with a similar one (40 A or 60 A).

Gazelle car fusesGazelle car fuses

Spare fuses are stored under the cover plate

The lid is held on by two latches

Replacing fuses in electrical circuits

Gazelle car fusesGazelle car fuses

Remove the block cover.

The fuses are installed between the spring terminals.

The 8 A fuses have a black insulator, the 16 A fuses have a green insulator.

They are arranged in numerical order from left to right.

Replacing the fuses of the Gazelle carReplacing the fuses of the Gazelle car

For cars manufactured since 2003, press the cover latch

Remove the cover

Having pressed the lower or upper terminal, we take out the faulty fuse and install a new one.

Chains of cars manufactured before 2003, protected by fuses

Upper fuse box

Fuse number (rated current) - Name of the equipment of protected electrical circuits

F1(16A) - Heater motor, heater electric pump*

F2(8A) - Additional heater motor*

F3(8A) - Direction indicators

F4(8A) - Instrument Cluster, Parking Brake Warning Relay, EPHX Systems, Heater-Heater Control Timer**, Wiper Relay,

reverse light, microprocessor ignition system malfunction indicator (ZMZ -4061, - 4063)

F5(8A) - Hazard lights

F6(8A) - Brake warning light, passenger compartment right row lights, * buzzer and platform light**

F7(8A) - Remote battery switch, radio equipment

F8(8A) - Windshield wiper and washer motors

F9(16A) - Horn, cigarette lighter, portable lamp socket

F10(16A) - Reserved

Lower fuse box
Fuse number (rated current) - Name of the equipment of protected electrical circuits

F1(16A) - Reserved

F2(8A) - Light(s**) for cabin lighting, cargo compartment ceiling light (GAZ -2705, -27057)

F3(8A) - Instrument lighting, heater - heater

F4(8A) - Rear fog light

F5(8A) - Side light (right front, left rear), side light indicator, license plate lights

F6(8A) - Gabar Light (right front, left rear)

F7(8A) - Dipped beam (left headlight), electric headlight range control

F8(8A) - Low beam (right headlight), high beam indicator

F9(16A) - High beam (left headlight)

F10(16A) - High beam (right headlight)

* For buses and cars with two rows of seats. ** Installed on car parts.

Fuse-protected circuits from 2003 onwards
Fuse number (Current, A) - Protected circuits
Upper block fuses

1 (25) - Engine control system (engines ZMZ-40522, ZMZ-40524)

2 (15) - Alarm

3 (15) - Radio equipment, ground switch (GAZ-3221 cars and modifications)

4 (10) - Windshield wiper and washer motors

5 (10) - Relay for dipped beam, anti-lock braking system (ABS)

6 (10) - Stop lights

7 (20) - Cigarette lighter, sound signals

8 (20) - Horn relay, instrument cluster, clock

9 (15) - Electric motor for additional heater, heating system electric pump (vehicles with two rows of seats)

10 (10) - Instrument cluster, reversing lamps, speed sensor, wiper relay

11 (5) - Oxygen concentration sensor (engines ZMZ-40522, ZMZ-40524)

12 (15) - Engine control system (engines ZMZ-40522, ZMZ-40524)

13 (10) - Direction indicators

Fuses of the lower block

1 (25) - Reserve

2 (15) - High beam of the right headlight, high beam indicator lamp

3 (15) - High beam left headlight

4 (10) - Dipped beam of the right headlight

5 (10) - Dipped beam of the left headlight

6 (10) - Rear fog light bulbs, fog light indicator light

7 (20) - Reserve

8 (20) - Reserve

9 (15) - Cabin ceiling, cargo compartment ceiling, bus footboard lighting, engine compartment lamp, passenger compartment ceiling lamps

10 (10) - Illumination lamps for instrument cluster, switches, cigarette lighter

11 (5) - Reserve

12 (15) - Lamps of the right position light, headlight range control, glove box lamp

13 (10) - Lamps of the left position light, turn signal lamp