Adjusting the carbon monoxide (CO) content in the exhaust gases of ZMZ-406

Adjustment is carried out on a warm engine (coolant temperature 80-90 °C) with a working ignition system and nominal gaps between the electrodes of the spark plugs

The content of CO and CH in the exhaust gases should be in the range: 0.7-0.9% CO and 1200 min -1CH at crankshaft speed (800+50) min -1no more than 0.5% CO and 600 min -1 CH at crankshaft speed (3150+50) min -1.

Adjusting carbon monoxide content

If the CO content is above the specified limits, adjust the CO content with screw 1 on the mass air flow sensor.

When turning the screw clockwise, the CO content increases, and counterclockwise it decreases.

In this case, the content of CH will also be adjusted.

If it is not possible to adjust the CO and CH content within the specified limits, you need to check the serviceability of the elements of the integrated microprocessor engine control system.