At the engine mod. 406 the oil pump is driven from the intermediate shaft, for engine mod. 402 the pump and ignition distributor are driven by the camshaft

Removing and disassembling the oil pump drive

GAZ-2705 oil pump drive

At the engine mod. 406 unscrew the four bolts and remove the drive cover 1.

Pull out driven gear 2 upwards. In order to remove the drive gear 3, you need to remove the intermediate shaft.

GAZ-2705 oil pump drive

At the engine mod. 402 remove the ignition distributor.

Unscrew the two nuts 1 and pull the drive 2 upwards.

GAZ-2705 oil pump drive

Press out the pin 1 of the drive gear and remove the hexagonal shaft 4 of the oil pump drive.

Then compress gear 2 of the drive, while applying force to the roller through a mandrel with a diameter of 12 mm.

Remove bronze thrust washer 3.

Assembly and installation of the drive is carried out in the reverse order.

When assembling the actuator mod. 402, it is necessary to provide a gap between the end of the drive gear and the bronze thrust washer in the range of 0.15–0.4 mm. Rivet the pin on both sides.