In the article we will consider possible malfunctions of the front axle of the UAZ-3151

- Cause of malfunction

Elimination method

Impaired wheel camber angle, wobbling when driving and uneven tire wear:

- Large gap in front wheel hub bearings

Adjust the wheel hub bearings; if necessary, replace worn or damaged bearings

- Worn pins or support washers

Adjust the tightening of the pins, replace worn parts

The car does not hold the road well:

- Deflection of front axle axle housings

Straighten the housings or install the axle housing with new housings

Lubricant leakage through the ball joint seal:

- Seal wear

Replace the oil seal

- Increased tire wear

Improper wheel alignment

- steering rod is bent or incorrectly adjusted

Straighten the rod, adjust its length and check the wheel alignment, replace the rod if necessary

Periodic occurrence of a grinding or knocking noise in the steering knuckle:

- Poor supply of lubricant to the pin bushing

Add grease to the ball joint and lubricate the upper kingpin through the grease nipple according to the lubrication chart

- Increased steering angles of the front wheels

Check and adjust the maximum steering angles of the front wheels