Below are the bearings used in the car

Ball water pump:

  • - for the engine ZMZ-4062 - 6-5НР17124EC23
  • - for the ZMZ-402 engine - 6-330902EC17

Ball tension roller of the generator drive belt (ZMZ-4062) - 6-256801E24

Ball clutch release clutch - 6-360710US9

Needle rollers for clutch pressure plate levers - 1.6x8.8 111

Ball crankshaft - 80203 AC9

Gearbox primary and secondary shaft ball - 6-50706U

The rollers of the secondary shaft of the gearbox - 5.5x15.8

The rollers of the intermediate shaft of the gearbox - 3.5x29.8A5

Needle cross of cardan shaft - 704702К2

Ball joint of cardan drive intermediate support - 6-180206AC9

Roller drive gear rear axle, front - 6-7606K1 Ш

Roller drive gear of the rear axle, rear - 6-7607 АУШ

Roller differential rear axle - 6U-7510ASH

Rear axle ball shaft - 6-I6OZ8АУШ

Roller hub of the front wheel, outer - 6-7605А

Roller hub of the front wheel, inner - 6U-76O6АУШ

Needle king pin - 943/20К1

Ball thrust steering knuckle - 108804

Roller shaft bipod steering mechanism - 922205K

ball steering column - 6-1000805L or 6-1000805

Steering column universal joint needle - 904700US17

Roller shaft-sector of the steering mechanism (for the steering mechanism with built-in hydraulic booster) - 524206K

Roller thrust screw of the steering gear (for steering gear with built-in hydraulic booster) - shknf 453461.100/010

Roller shaft-distributor spool - 254703

balls of the steering gear screw pair (for the steering gear with built-in hydraulic booster) (H 7.144-40) - 4691155266

The roller of the lower shaft of the globoidal steering gear, upper - 977907-K1

Lower roller shaft of globoidal steering gear, lower - 877907

ball bearing - three-ridge roller of the globoidal steering gear - 6767O1X

Generator ball rotor, rear - 6-180502K1S1Sh1

Generator ball rotor, front - 6-I8O6OZKIS9SHI