Oil change interval is 60,000 km

It is recommended to drain the oil immediately after the trip

Oil change in GAZ-2705 gearbox

Before draining the oil, clean the breather from contamination.

Place a container under the gearbox oil drain hole.

Oil change in GAZ-2705 gearbox

Unscrew oil drain plug 1 and drain the oil.

Put on oil drain plug 1 and unscrew oil filler plug 2.

If the drained oil is heavily contaminated or contains mechanical impurities, do the following:

- pour 0.9 l of flushing oil into the crankcase and install the oil filler plug in place;

- hang one or both wheels, turn on the 1st gear and start the engine for 2-3 minutes;

- drain flushing oil;

- wipe the oil drain plug and put it back.

Fill the gearbox housing with fresh oil using a syringe.

Fill up to the level of the oil filler hole (1.2 l).

Reinstall the oil filler plug.